You know those days when you just want to lie in bed and not do anything even though you have LOTS to do like important shiz needs to be get done but you are like meh I don’t even care let it deal with itself… well yea, that’s me every single day.

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Happy Eid- Indian Style.

So it was the first day of Eid ul Azha here and guess who didnot get to celebrate it?

Two children. And a man and woman.

Why they didnot get to celebrate it, you ask? Well, turns out Indian soldiers fired at Sialkot’s Sector 6 and delivered their Eid gift- bullet shots which killed four people instantly. On Eid day. The first day of Eid. The day which was a day of great rejoicing by everyone in Pakistan.

And four people couldnot celebrate.

How cruel is that? How cruel is that?? Think of it. Its Eid. These four people were anticipating it. Maybe they had plans. They must have planned some meat dishes, the innocent children (they were really young) were probably thinking to go to their local playground and see the sacrificial animals being slaughtered. Or maybe they didn’t even have an idea what was happening, they were too busy and excited about their plans for the day.

What NONE of them had expected was DEATH by the hands of the enemy even though there wasn’t any crime anyone of them had committed.

For how long will we let our fellow get murdered at the hands of our enemies? Is this how great Aman Ki Asha is working? Is it restricted to exchanging letters between people from the two countries, focusing on food and oh-how-identical we all are? It is a cosmetic measure, slapped on the faces of all those Pakistanis who know how ridiculous and incompetent that is.

And oh, there was a drone too this night. killed our amazing, brave Qabaili people.

WAKE UP PAKISTAN!! Do something. Recognise your enemies.

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Sermon of the Hajj, translated.

So, today was a beautiful day for Muslims all over the world. The Khutba of the Hajj was delivered today and it is very critical to all beleivers that they take it very seriously and try to obey it as much as they can. I translated it into English from a news channel ticker. Read on:

1. All Muslims should try to control their ‘Nafs’

2. Shaitaan tries everything possible to deviate Muslims from their path.

3. Spreading resources in the way of Allah doesn’t lessen them.

4. Allah doesn’t want to put Muslims in any difficulty.

5. Orders and teachings of Islam should be made easy (so it is easy to understand them and act)

6. Islam teaches brotherhood.

7. Keep giving Sadqah and Zakat (charity).

8. No one should be worshiped except Allah.

9. Allah has stated this Ummah to be the best.

10. Orders of the head of House should be obeyed. He shall be answerable to Allah.

11. Allah orders Muslims to stay away from oppression (zulm).

12.  It is not considered worthy of a Muslim to involve himself in Fitna o Fasaad.

13.  It is Haram to get hold of/unjustly possess someone else’s resources

14. Someone depriving others of their rights is filling himself with hell fire.

15. Muslims should stay patient in every difficulty.

16. Keep doing Zikr of Allah, HE knows everything.

17. Refrain from wrong-doing and backbiting.

18. Anyone who saved a single life saved all humanity.

19. Muslim leaders should fulfill all their responsibilities. Dont forget they have to face Allah one day.

20. Keep yourself away from sins and keep asking Allah for His forgiveness.

21. Keep fearing Allah.

22.Raise your children properly and  always keep any eye on them.

23. All Muslim leaders should unite and cooperate with each other.

24. All Muslim leaders should effort to raise the religion to excellence.

25.  Media should preach good and correct the wrong doings.

26. Wake up at night to remember Allah.

27.  Keep your faith in Allah, He is the only one Powerful over all.

28. Free your hearts from envy and jealousy.

29.  Preach patience to each other.

30.  Religion is the way to success.

31. The one who has the most ‘Taqwa’ is the one most near to Allah.

32. The cause of all difference is our turning our backs on Allah’s teachings.

33. Fear Allah and you shall be successful.

34.  Recognize the enemies of Islam.

35. Avoid sectarianism and chaos.

36. Live with each other with Akhlaq and refrain from differences.

37. Allah has mentioned His Oneness in the Quran very clearly.

38. True Shariah was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and it is obligatory for all to obey it.

39. Hearts remain at peace with Allah’s Zikr.

40. One who murders unjustly and without reason will remain in Hell forever.

41. Alcohol, heroin and all other narcotics are strictly forbidden (Haram) in Islam.

42. Be very careful about Haya and Modesty.

May Allah guide us all to the Right Path, Ameen.

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My daily struggles.

I have got 99 problems and being inconsistent and lazy is all of them.

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Ten reasons you are an obsessed PTI supporter.

1. Dharna is the only thing you have in mind.

That is right! It is on your Facebook timeline, your Twitter retweets and your crappy television set! Gone are the days when a family used to sit together and discuss things which happened to them that day; today famines sit together and talk about what is happening and not happening in ISLAMABAD!

Random fun fact: When you wake up in the middle of the night, you check Twitter to see if everyone is okay. You also don’t sleep well when there are rumors of crackdowns and arrests and all that shiz

2. Parliament sessions are the new Pyaray Afzal. Only without the Pyaray. Or the Afzal.

So, dude, did you ever think you would be one of those people who would watch Parliament sessions thoroughly and dissect them one by one? I didn’t. I didn’t even know we had a parliament! JOKE ALERT. I did. Even though it is obviously very useless. I didn’t know our Parliamentarians though and now that I am fully aware, I wish I wasn’t.

All that glitters is not gold.

All that glitters is not gold.

3. You watch every speech of Imran Khan’s.

Even if its at 3 am. You even wake your other family members and try to get them to watch it with you.  (from experience, don’t ever wake up them up if they had a tiring day. They can never hate Imran Khan but they CAN and WILL hate you)

4. You are arguing with every PMLN  supporter ever.

Helpful tip: DONT. Dont waste your time on them esp on Twitter. They will make you answer their questions but will NEVER answer yours.

5. You are emotionally invested to every pro PTI tweet

You share, retweet, learn them by heart.

(Also the videos posted make me feel really emotional)

Tabdeeli a gae ha :')

Tabdeeli a gae ha :’)

 6. Showing the luuuvvveee by changing your display pictures.

And your cover photos and swapping your wrist watches for PTI ribbons! Also, you have been to Isl atleast ONCE. You have also attended inter city dharnas atleast once.

Long live the red and green!

Long live the red and green!

7. You personally cheer from your homes when IK makes some statement.

Khan Sahab appreciates me.

Khan Sahab appreciates me.

8. You know every signature IK’s statement by heart.

I mean, come on, how can you resist them? I am such a mind reader, I can almost always predict what IK is going to say next. BEAT THAT.


9. You judge people who aren’t PTI supporters.


10. Them rigging statistics are at your fingertips!

Like a BOSS.

Like a BOSS.


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What we should have thought.

It is chaos these days, the political situation. Okay, chaos is not really the right word because the situation is confusing and at a stand still. It was only destructive when the police used force on a peaceful crowd of thousands which retaliated later by entering the PM house. Social media is erupting with all all sorts of opinions. Difference of opinions is inevitable; what I wasn’t expecting was the cruel reaction of anti PTI etc people on the murders of now 16 participants of the dharna and injuries to at least 470 others!!! Let that sink in a moment. 470 people are injured. 63 are critical. Hospitals confirm.

I just cant comprehend when did we start hating each other so much. I dont remember when political parties came in way of humanity and conscience. I remember when the earthquake hit Pakistan and millions rose to rebuild the disaster struck regions and million helped in every little way they could, all sharing the pain of those affected, all united under the identity of Pakistanis. Same happened when floods were rampant. Everyone rose when fellow Pakistanis were dying and crying and screaming for help.

When did we lose that?

It is very easy to look at the present situation from our comfortable sofas and give our opinions on what is being done and what should have been. Pseudo intellectuals defend the system, say it is the only way Pakistan can progress and revolutionary leaders are just leading people astray and towards destruction. All extremely easy to say when YOU are not feeling the brunt of the ‘system’. Are you a mother of three babies without food in your kitchen?   Do you understand how tough it is to walk miles to a city to a hospital and pay for expensive treatment and sleep on the hospital floors because they don’t have enough space for attendants? Mothers throw their children in the river and jump in themselves. Laborers here work under the scorching sun non stop and get a meagre amount of money for their hard work. Children dust cars on traffic signals, knowing this is what they will spend their whole life doing. A boy of five is the only bread earner of a family of eleven. Is this the system we want? Are we okay with this disparity in living standard as long as WE are comfortable in our houses and fed properly? Life is so hard for the lower/middle class here in this country, its a feat they survive.

Ask these people if they are okay living this way. Ask these people if they are okay with the system. Ask these people if they want to wait 4 more years so that they can re-elect a ‘ BRAND NEW’ government which will make all their dreams come true. Convince them this is all in the betterment of a ‘democracy’ which is essential for a country. Convince them patience is key when they have been waiting all their lives for things to improve. Ask them if they believe any of us anymore.

All I want is for all of us to sit down for a moment, take a breath and think hard. Think not for ourselves but for the people who cant. Think selflessly for the people who are not as privileged like we are. When was the last time you thought about the girl begging beside your car? When did you think how hard the life of your maid would be? Walk in their shoes for a while. And ask yourself, are we really right in our actions and stances? Are we so invested in our personal interests and petty political talk that we stopped thinking that we are not the only ones living in this country, that their ARE millions of people with actual, huge problems?

And when you have done all of that, ask yourself one last question: Who do you care about more? Your fellow Pakistanis or other opponent political parties?

Hopefully your answer will tell you where your real interests lie.


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The types of Pakistanis I kind of h̶a̶t̶e̶ strongly resent.

I am  sure there are more but this is all I can remember.

I started out with five but they made me sound like a really shitty person so lets just keep it to three.

1. The ever-ungrateful

Goodness, I hate such people. They feed off on Pakistani stuff, live in Pakistani cities and avail all the opportunities and stuff and STILL bad mouth their own country without making any effort to give back to this. I mean COME ON. I just cant stand people who whine, complain and abuse Pakistan from the comfort of their sofas. I. HATE. SUCH. PEOPLE. Dude gets admission in a thaki hui bahir ki university which ranks at 112 on the World’s Top 50 and he is still celebrating like it is one big honour. Speaks incorrect English and still feels proud. This narrow-mindedness is what makes them more Pakistani! Aah, the irony! (Jk, we Pakistanis are not that narrow minded anymore. Also it is relative…Okay, I was just trying to be funny)

If I could, I would totally kick such people out of here.  Or atleast make them pay back all what this country has provided them with. This is the only way part of their ungratefulness can be compensated.


Lets just say I am the one in green…



2. “Mere azeez hum watnon…”

OH YES, Its our politicians. Like 99% of them. Feed on foreign agendas and dollars and shed their crocodile tears here. Most of them are here because of personal interests. Buy off votes from poor, illiterate people and still dont care if they get enough to eat. Which they dont. Never have.


You all are very loved… NOT.

If hypocrisy had a face, this lot would have adorned it.  I cant fathom how much I hate them. So I shall not.

(Oh, I am a firm believer that nations get leaders they deserve as Allah says. So I am not blaming them for all of our problems. We all are from the same soil, after all.)

3. Made of lies: calling all journalists, anchor persons and talk show hosts!

Okay. being biased is not okay. Being a liar is also not okay. And being a BIASED LIAR is most definitely NOT okay!!! I had a lot of respect for journalism but it has dwindled and shrunk to nothing for the past 3,4 years.  Thanks to the social media, nothing is hidden anymore. Most of my favorite senior journalists have succumbed to the unlimited offer of “sell your ‘zameer’ and get bucket loads of money” Which is a shame because now I just cant rely on anything.  Shame on those people that spread lies, negative propaganda and indulge in the worse kinds of criticism.

Special breeds, imported from India!

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On this 68th Independence Day, there is a lot of activity going on. I have always loved Pakistan but not in the conventional sense our Pak Studies books told us to. I know K2, the beautiful mountain range is in Pakistan and that we have 5 rivers but eh, we dont have enough dams right? Our people still have no water to drink and no tourist ever climbs the K2 on daily basis. I am not saying I am not proud to be a group of people who claim we own these these but there are still many things I LOVE about my country.

And that doesn’t include the people. Like most of the time.

I love how all my favorite fruits are here. I love how we have so many seasons and so many varieties of fruit. Our weather changes every 4 months. We have monsoon rains which  come down heavily and fill our streets with water and everyone is seen dancing in the rain. Be it be shalwar clad young children or women running around under umbrella, its all quite a sight right? I love our truck art, as cheesy as it sounds. I think it is amazing and so original. It shouts I AM PAKISTANI AND PROUD, you know? And that rickshaws. Haha, they run around crazily and make the most horrible noise but its still all good. And they are very convenient too.Our language and our dramas. The old ones and okay, some of the news ones too. And those ‘Laado Sabun; ads which ar so corny and are aired on every Eid. Our confectioneries make the most amazing, flaky pateesa there is, no?  I have eaten some which melts in your mouth the second your tongue touches it. Its heavenly. And food. I love our food. I love biryani. Enough said.We are one of the proud founders of this excellent dish. A must have on every special occasion. Biryani makes neweverything better.  Be it broken hearts of broken bones. Honestly. it has never failed me.

And our shadees! No one celebrates marriages like we do. And our bazaars whenever its Eid. Two hundred shops and two hundred lights with two hundred people milling around among screaming shop keepers and tooting horns and what not. I love the Canal Road. And THE Mall. And the amazing architecture of NCA. And those evenings when the sky is orange and pink and you are stuck in traffic. I love our traditional architecture. How we build our arches, how we have a mosque on every street. I love our cultural fabrics and their designs.I love our khussas. I have like 200 pairs.

I wish.

Our people of the North West. Oh, how my heart bleeds for them. Our beautiful, beautiful provinces and people of Baluchistan, interior Sindh, most areas of KPK, Kashmir etc all ignored and deprived of the basic necessities of life. They are brave and courageous. I hope we fix our friendships soon…

I am not very fond of our people because most of us are good for nothing. But I know there are people among us who live and breathe for Pakistan. People who know what it means to have an identity. A separate country. A place they can call their own. I know people who have worked selflessly for this country, never wanting anything more.  Our laborers. Our tailorsnew 1, transport drivers, traffic controllers, shop keepers. They are all around us. People like them sustain me.

I have a lot of love for my country. Despite everything, it still survives. It still gives us everything and never asks for nothing in return. I have seen gorgeous sunsets here and felt the lashing rain during some of the most ferocious thunder storms. I have seen people rushing to help whenever their is an accident. I have seen many PTV dramas and awed at our script writers. I have seen good television and bad television. I have read books and eaten from roadside hotels and cruised down the motorway and have loved every second of it.

Pakistan is MY OWN. It is my home. And we all know there is no place like it.

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This is my first blog post and it is about absolutely nothing 

Did you see the irony there?

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