On this 68th Independence Day, there is a lot of activity going on. I have always loved Pakistan but not in the conventional sense our Pak Studies books told us to. I know K2, the beautiful mountain range is in Pakistan and that we have 5 rivers but eh, we dont have enough dams right? Our people still have no water to drink and no tourist ever climbs the K2 on daily basis. I am not saying I am not proud to be a group of people who claim we own these these but there are still many things I LOVE about my country.

And that doesn’t include the people. Like most of the time.

I love how all my favorite fruits are here. I love how we have so many seasons and so many varieties of fruit. Our weather changes every 4 months. We have monsoon rains which  come down heavily and fill our streets with water and everyone is seen dancing in the rain. Be it be shalwar clad young children or women running around under umbrella, its all quite a sight right? I love our truck art, as cheesy as it sounds. I think it is amazing and so original. It shouts I AM PAKISTANI AND PROUD, you know? And that rickshaws. Haha, they run around crazily and make the most horrible noise but its still all good. And they are very convenient too.Our language and our dramas. The old ones and okay, some of the news ones too. And those ‘Laado Sabun; ads which ar so corny and are aired on every Eid. Our confectioneries make the most amazing, flaky pateesa there is, no?  I have eaten some which melts in your mouth the second your tongue touches it. Its heavenly. And food. I love our food. I love biryani. Enough said.We are one of the proud founders of this excellent dish. A must have on every special occasion. Biryani makes neweverything better.  Be it broken hearts of broken bones. Honestly. it has never failed me.

And our shadees! No one celebrates marriages like we do. And our bazaars whenever its Eid. Two hundred shops and two hundred lights with two hundred people milling around among screaming shop keepers and tooting horns and what not. I love the Canal Road. And THE Mall. And the amazing architecture of NCA. And those evenings when the sky is orange and pink and you are stuck in traffic. I love our traditional architecture. How we build our arches, how we have a mosque on every street. I love our cultural fabrics and their designs.I love our khussas. I have like 200 pairs.

I wish.

Our people of the North West. Oh, how my heart bleeds for them. Our beautiful, beautiful provinces and people of Baluchistan, interior Sindh, most areas of KPK, Kashmir etc all ignored and deprived of the basic necessities of life. They are brave and courageous. I hope we fix our friendships soon…

I am not very fond of our people because most of us are good for nothing. But I know there are people among us who live and breathe for Pakistan. People who know what it means to have an identity. A separate country. A place they can call their own. I know people who have worked selflessly for this country, never wanting anything more.  Our laborers. Our tailorsnew 1, transport drivers, traffic controllers, shop keepers. They are all around us. People like them sustain me.

I have a lot of love for my country. Despite everything, it still survives. It still gives us everything and never asks for nothing in return. I have seen gorgeous sunsets here and felt the lashing rain during some of the most ferocious thunder storms. I have seen people rushing to help whenever their is an accident. I have seen many PTV dramas and awed at our script writers. I have seen good television and bad television. I have read books and eaten from roadside hotels and cruised down the motorway and have loved every second of it.

Pakistan is MY OWN. It is my home. And we all know there is no place like it.


About mahnoor15

I am 19. Nothing else is relevant enough, I guess.
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