The types of Pakistanis I kind of h̶a̶t̶e̶ strongly resent.

I am  sure there are more but this is all I can remember.

I started out with five but they made me sound like a really shitty person so lets just keep it to three.

1. The ever-ungrateful

Goodness, I hate such people. They feed off on Pakistani stuff, live in Pakistani cities and avail all the opportunities and stuff and STILL bad mouth their own country without making any effort to give back to this. I mean COME ON. I just cant stand people who whine, complain and abuse Pakistan from the comfort of their sofas. I. HATE. SUCH. PEOPLE. Dude gets admission in a thaki hui bahir ki university which ranks at 112 on the World’s Top 50 and he is still celebrating like it is one big honour. Speaks incorrect English and still feels proud. This narrow-mindedness is what makes them more Pakistani! Aah, the irony! (Jk, we Pakistanis are not that narrow minded anymore. Also it is relative…Okay, I was just trying to be funny)

If I could, I would totally kick such people out of here.  Or atleast make them pay back all what this country has provided them with. This is the only way part of their ungratefulness can be compensated.


Lets just say I am the one in green…



2. “Mere azeez hum watnon…”

OH YES, Its our politicians. Like 99% of them. Feed on foreign agendas and dollars and shed their crocodile tears here. Most of them are here because of personal interests. Buy off votes from poor, illiterate people and still dont care if they get enough to eat. Which they dont. Never have.


You all are very loved… NOT.

If hypocrisy had a face, this lot would have adorned it.  I cant fathom how much I hate them. So I shall not.

(Oh, I am a firm believer that nations get leaders they deserve as Allah says. So I am not blaming them for all of our problems. We all are from the same soil, after all.)

3. Made of lies: calling all journalists, anchor persons and talk show hosts!

Okay. being biased is not okay. Being a liar is also not okay. And being a BIASED LIAR is most definitely NOT okay!!! I had a lot of respect for journalism but it has dwindled and shrunk to nothing for the past 3,4 years.  Thanks to the social media, nothing is hidden anymore. Most of my favorite senior journalists have succumbed to the unlimited offer of “sell your ‘zameer’ and get bucket loads of money” Which is a shame because now I just cant rely on anything.  Shame on those people that spread lies, negative propaganda and indulge in the worse kinds of criticism.

Special breeds, imported from India!


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I am 19. Nothing else is relevant enough, I guess.
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