What we should have thought.

It is chaos these days, the political situation. Okay, chaos is not really the right word because the situation is confusing and at a stand still. It was only destructive when the police used force on a peaceful crowd of thousands which retaliated later by entering the PM house. Social media is erupting with all all sorts of opinions. Difference of opinions is inevitable; what I wasn’t expecting was the cruel reaction of anti PTI etc people on the murders of now 16 participants of the dharna and injuries to at least 470 others!!! Let that sink in a moment. 470 people are injured. 63 are critical. Hospitals confirm.

I just cant comprehend when did we start hating each other so much. I dont remember when political parties came in way of humanity and conscience. I remember when the earthquake hit Pakistan and millions rose to rebuild the disaster struck regions and million helped in every little way they could, all sharing the pain of those affected, all united under the identity of Pakistanis. Same happened when floods were rampant. Everyone rose when fellow Pakistanis were dying and crying and screaming for help.

When did we lose that?

It is very easy to look at the present situation from our comfortable sofas and give our opinions on what is being done and what should have been. Pseudo intellectuals defend the system, say it is the only way Pakistan can progress and revolutionary leaders are just leading people astray and towards destruction. All extremely easy to say when YOU are not feeling the brunt of the ‘system’. Are you a mother of three babies without food in your kitchen?   Do you understand how tough it is to walk miles to a city to a hospital and pay for expensive treatment and sleep on the hospital floors because they don’t have enough space for attendants? Mothers throw their children in the river and jump in themselves. Laborers here work under the scorching sun non stop and get a meagre amount of money for their hard work. Children dust cars on traffic signals, knowing this is what they will spend their whole life doing. A boy of five is the only bread earner of a family of eleven. Is this the system we want? Are we okay with this disparity in living standard as long as WE are comfortable in our houses and fed properly? Life is so hard for the lower/middle class here in this country, its a feat they survive.

Ask these people if they are okay living this way. Ask these people if they are okay with the system. Ask these people if they want to wait 4 more years so that they can re-elect a ‘ BRAND NEW’ government which will make all their dreams come true. Convince them this is all in the betterment of a ‘democracy’ which is essential for a country. Convince them patience is key when they have been waiting all their lives for things to improve. Ask them if they believe any of us anymore.

All I want is for all of us to sit down for a moment, take a breath and think hard. Think not for ourselves but for the people who cant. Think selflessly for the people who are not as privileged like we are. When was the last time you thought about the girl begging beside your car? When did you think how hard the life of your maid would be? Walk in their shoes for a while. And ask yourself, are we really right in our actions and stances? Are we so invested in our personal interests and petty political talk that we stopped thinking that we are not the only ones living in this country, that their ARE millions of people with actual, huge problems?

And when you have done all of that, ask yourself one last question: Who do you care about more? Your fellow Pakistanis or other opponent political parties?

Hopefully your answer will tell you where your real interests lie.



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I am 19. Nothing else is relevant enough, I guess.
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