Ten reasons you are an obsessed PTI supporter.

1. Dharna is the only thing you have in mind.

That is right! It is on your Facebook timeline, your Twitter retweets and your crappy television set! Gone are the days when a family used to sit together and discuss things which happened to them that day; today famines sit together and talk about what is happening and not happening in ISLAMABAD!

Random fun fact: When you wake up in the middle of the night, you check Twitter to see if everyone is okay. You also don’t sleep well when there are rumors of crackdowns and arrests and all that shiz

2. Parliament sessions are the new Pyaray Afzal. Only without the Pyaray. Or the Afzal.

So, dude, did you ever think you would be one of those people who would watch Parliament sessions thoroughly and dissect them one by one? I didn’t. I didn’t even know we had a parliament! JOKE ALERT. I did. Even though it is obviously very useless. I didn’t know our Parliamentarians though and now that I am fully aware, I wish I wasn’t.

All that glitters is not gold.

All that glitters is not gold.

3. You watch every speech of Imran Khan’s.

Even if its at 3 am. You even wake your other family members and try to get them to watch it with you.  (from experience, don’t ever wake up them up if they had a tiring day. They can never hate Imran Khan but they CAN and WILL hate you)

4. You are arguing with every PMLN  supporter ever.

Helpful tip: DONT. Dont waste your time on them esp on Twitter. They will make you answer their questions but will NEVER answer yours.

5. You are emotionally invested to every pro PTI tweet

You share, retweet, learn them by heart.

(Also the videos posted make me feel really emotional)

Tabdeeli a gae ha :')

Tabdeeli a gae ha :’)

 6. Showing the luuuvvveee by changing your display pictures.

And your cover photos and swapping your wrist watches for PTI ribbons! Also, you have been to Isl atleast ONCE. You have also attended inter city dharnas atleast once.

Long live the red and green!

Long live the red and green!

7. You personally cheer from your homes when IK makes some statement.

Khan Sahab appreciates me.

Khan Sahab appreciates me.

8. You know every signature IK’s statement by heart.

I mean, come on, how can you resist them? I am such a mind reader, I can almost always predict what IK is going to say next. BEAT THAT.


9. You judge people who aren’t PTI supporters.


10. Them rigging statistics are at your fingertips!

Like a BOSS.

Like a BOSS.



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I am 19. Nothing else is relevant enough, I guess.
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2 Responses to Ten reasons you are an obsessed PTI supporter.

  1. Mansoor Janjua says:

    Here’s another obsessed person, a completely new category. He wrote an entire novel on the Azadi March of PTI: The Scriptwriter by Adeerus Ghayan. Let’s see if his novel comes to life at the end of these protests.


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