Sermon of the Hajj, translated.

So, today was a beautiful day for Muslims all over the world. The Khutba of the Hajj was delivered today and it is very critical to all beleivers that they take it very seriously and try to obey it as much as they can. I translated it into English from a news channel ticker. Read on:

1. All Muslims should try to control their ‘Nafs’

2. Shaitaan tries everything possible to deviate Muslims from their path.

3. Spreading resources in the way of Allah doesn’t lessen them.

4. Allah doesn’t want to put Muslims in any difficulty.

5. Orders and teachings of Islam should be made easy (so it is easy to understand them and act)

6. Islam teaches brotherhood.

7. Keep giving Sadqah and Zakat (charity).

8. No one should be worshiped except Allah.

9. Allah has stated this Ummah to be the best.

10. Orders of the head of House should be obeyed. He shall be answerable to Allah.

11. Allah orders Muslims to stay away from oppression (zulm).

12.  It is not considered worthy of a Muslim to involve himself in Fitna o Fasaad.

13.  It is Haram to get hold of/unjustly possess someone else’s resources

14. Someone depriving others of their rights is filling himself with hell fire.

15. Muslims should stay patient in every difficulty.

16. Keep doing Zikr of Allah, HE knows everything.

17. Refrain from wrong-doing and backbiting.

18. Anyone who saved a single life saved all humanity.

19. Muslim leaders should fulfill all their responsibilities. Dont forget they have to face Allah one day.

20. Keep yourself away from sins and keep asking Allah for His forgiveness.

21. Keep fearing Allah.

22.Raise your children properly and  always keep any eye on them.

23. All Muslim leaders should unite and cooperate with each other.

24. All Muslim leaders should effort to raise the religion to excellence.

25.  Media should preach good and correct the wrong doings.

26. Wake up at night to remember Allah.

27.  Keep your faith in Allah, He is the only one Powerful over all.

28. Free your hearts from envy and jealousy.

29.  Preach patience to each other.

30.  Religion is the way to success.

31. The one who has the most ‘Taqwa’ is the one most near to Allah.

32. The cause of all difference is our turning our backs on Allah’s teachings.

33. Fear Allah and you shall be successful.

34.  Recognize the enemies of Islam.

35. Avoid sectarianism and chaos.

36. Live with each other with Akhlaq and refrain from differences.

37. Allah has mentioned His Oneness in the Quran very clearly.

38. True Shariah was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and it is obligatory for all to obey it.

39. Hearts remain at peace with Allah’s Zikr.

40. One who murders unjustly and without reason will remain in Hell forever.

41. Alcohol, heroin and all other narcotics are strictly forbidden (Haram) in Islam.

42. Be very careful about Haya and Modesty.

May Allah guide us all to the Right Path, Ameen.


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