Happy Eid- Indian Style.

So it was the first day of Eid ul Azha here and guess who didnot get to celebrate it?

Two children. And a man and woman.

Why they didnot get to celebrate it, you ask? Well, turns out Indian soldiers fired at Sialkot’s Sector 6 and delivered their Eid gift- bullet shots which killed four people instantly. On Eid day. The first day of Eid. The day which was a day of great rejoicing by everyone in Pakistan.

And four people couldnot celebrate.

How cruel is that? How cruel is that?? Think of it. Its Eid. These four people were anticipating it. Maybe they had plans. They must have planned some meat dishes, the innocent children (they were really young) were probably thinking to go to their local playground and see the sacrificial animals being slaughtered. Or maybe they didn’t even have an idea what was happening, they were too busy and excited about their plans for the day.

What NONE of them had expected was DEATH by the hands of the enemy even though there wasn’t any crime anyone of them had committed.

For how long will we let our fellow get murdered at the hands of our enemies? Is this how great Aman Ki Asha is working? Is it restricted to exchanging letters between people from the two countries, focusing on food and oh-how-identical we all are? It is a cosmetic measure, slapped on the faces of all those Pakistanis who know how ridiculous and incompetent that is.

And oh, there was a drone too this night. killed our amazing, brave Qabaili people.

WAKE UP PAKISTAN!! Do something. Recognise your enemies.


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I am 19. Nothing else is relevant enough, I guess.
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